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Blunham Playing Field Association

36a Barford Road, Blunham

The Blunham Playing Field Association (BPFA) is a registered charity ( Charity No. 300009) with the purpose of managing the Blunham playing fields on behalf of the public and the villagers of the parish of Blunham, Bedfordshire. A group of Trustees manage the playing fields on behalf of the villagers.

The BPFA has over the years worked closely with the Blunham Cricket Club who are our main customer. AFC Blunham is a fledgling football club for the under twelves and has recently joined us in 2008 and we hope this will attract further following of youth football teams.

The BPFA run a number of events during the year to raise funds for the maintenance of the playing fields and pavilion, such as quizzies, fairs, bonfire night etc. For a list of events please click on the Events icon at the top of the page.

As a registered charity, like all charities we need help from the public to maintain our facilities. Should you wish to support our efforts then please visit our fundraising page JustGiving by clicking on the icon at the top of the page.

Alternatively you can join the BPFA for £10 per annum per family.

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