Blunham Pubs : The Railway Inn

By Bill Exley

The Railway Tavern - c1960's
102, Station Road now 'The Conifers' - 2001


     The Ralway Tavern Pub / site is at the end of Station Road, one of the 8 Pubs and was next to Blunham Railway Station [as was] now Old Station Court Estate, it served the Sandy to Blunham into Bedford stations. - This Varsity - Line connected Cambridge to Oxford cities and so the Universities opening in 1862 until 1968 when the rail line was removed. . - The station opened in 1866 until it was closed down 31/3/62 following the demise of many rail links Nationwide, at that time c1962 / 66, - and 4,000 Route miles were lost to be excact - all courtesy of a certain Dr / Mr / Baron Beeching, - Chairman of British Railways

   What a complete waste of money, time and effort with loss of life, in the construction of tracks, tunnels etc all to be wasted. - Now, in the late 1990's and 2020 it is being 'Reviewed' as an option 'again' for a link to feed the Bedford and Cambridge areas and their new Industrial / Hi-Tech progress. - New update - 29/05/23 - the Oxford to Cambridge, or Varsity Line route will take place in the near future.


Old Blunham Station in 1920
These old tracks were taken up - c1970's, later the bridge outside spanning Station Road, leading South out of the village, to the nearby Hamlet of Chalton, was also dismantled. Now a nicely prepared flat walk, over to Sandy market town, via relaxing scenery. Note the smart elegant Edwardian attire of the men, shirt and tie for work as the accepted Norm' .

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William Goodman - now Railway Inn and 1st Licence is granted 1863- 1869
Nathaniel Kifford King and renamed the Railway Tavern 1869- 1888
Thomas Bossingham 1888- 1901
Now the Blunham Population is 603 - Served by the Eight village Pubs
Mrs Rhoda Bossingham.- ( Brewers, Wells & Winch of Bedford ) 1901- 1914
Harry Bossingham 1914- 1935
Mr Baxter 23-05-1935 - 1939
Mrs Ann, May, Edith Baxter - widow 20-02-1939 - 1955
The '2nd World War' years, during -
31-08-1939 . to . 02/9/45
Harry Robinson 06-07-1955 - 1961
Sydney Reid - (Wells & Winch now merge with Greene King ) 18-10-1961 - 1966
The Railway Tavern now Closes. - and lies Derelict for 13yrs on -
It later re-opens and a New Licence is granted to - >
Jim Sawford, a Tempsford Businessman 1979-83
Andrew Vaughn / Ex Chef 1983-86
Christine, Barbara Jennings 1986-87
Patricia Gudgin . - still with Greene King - Brewers 1987-90
Mateo Lopez, - and renamed The Huntresson - 23/03/92 1990-94
Thomas Keohane from - 1994-2000

The Huntress closes down and now a House, see above photo - 'The Conifers'

During 2001

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