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Blunham Wildlife Group Sightings - Flies etc

Flies etc        
 Apr May June July 
Banded Damiselle1River4Ouse/Ivel  1Ivel
Bee Fly sp1Garden      
Black-tailed Skimmer    1Ivel  
Broad-boaded Chaser1Garden1Ivel    
Brown Hawker      1Ivel
Bumble Bee sp1Garden      
Common Blue Damselfly1River2Village/Ouse  1Ivel
Dark-edged Flower Bee2Garden/River      
Downlooker Snipefly  1Ivel    
Froghopper sp  1Paddocks    
Hairy Dragonfly  1Garden    
Hairy-footed Flower Bee1Garden      
Helophilus pendulus  1Garden    
Large Red Damselfly4River/Garden      
Mayfly  1River    
Oak Gall Wasp1fields      
Roesel's Bush Cricket      1Fileds
Ruby-tailed Wasp    1Garden  
Scarce Chaser  2Garden/Ouse    
St Mark's Flies4river      
Southern Hawker  1Ivel    
Sweat Bee sp  1Garden    
Helophilus Pendulus        

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