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Blunham Wildlife Group's Photographs

I have general permission to publish on-line the images you see here, however I would prefer to have permission from the individual owners of the images, and so if you own any of the images which do not have copyright embedded in the image, please drop me a line via my Genuki email page. Note that all the images on the site are copyright under UK law.

These pages are arranged in alphabetical order of each group of species - clicking on a button above will take you to the first image in that group. Clicking on the larger image on that page will take you to the full size image.

The advantage of these pages is that you can have more than one image of the same species, and also that text can be added alongside the image for instance see Susie's Jackdaws photo.

This informal group started during the first Corvid lockdown. Anyone may join and share their observations of wildlife seen within the Parish of Blunham. This may be in gardens or on walks. We communicate via What'sApp and we welcome photos, recordings and videos as well as reports. To join you need What'sApp on your phone and send your number to Peter Holden by email with a request to join.
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If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, requests or if you have a photo taken locally of a species for which there is no photo or have a local video we can add, please drop me a line via my Genuki email page.

Colin Hinson

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