Form for reporting errors
on pages maintained by Colin Hinson.

If you are trying to report an error on a page that does not
contain either "genuki" or "Blunham" in the URL (page address)
then you are in the wrong place and will not receive a reply.

If you are not reporting an error, then please use my Email page.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to report errors on the pages that I maintain, but please remember that my time is precious too and that I maintain over 12,000 pages and so I need an accurate description of the page that the error is on in order to be able to correct it. v

When you came to this page, it should have given you another browser window. In order to get the URL (address) of the page with the error, minimise this window, then use the (other) browser window to return to the page with the error (probably by using the back-arrow), highlight the address of the page with the error (at the top of that window), place the data on the "clipboard" (hold down "Ctrl" and then press "C"). You can then "Restore" this window by clicking on its icon on the task bar. Then "click" in the field below marked "URL (address) of the page with the error" to put the cursor there, and then use "Ctrl" and "V" to place the data on the "clipboard" in the field.

Please ensure that you fill in all the fields correctly.
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URL (address) of the page with the error (see above).

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Thank you very much. You can kill off this window by pressing the "X" at the top right corner. This will put you back where you came from.

Colin Hinson.