Charges for use of photographs and transcriptions on web-sites.

My charge for the single use of a photograph on a web page as of 31st March 2005 is £10 (ten pounds Sterling).

By UK Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank, made payable to:
C.R. Hinson

119 High Street
MK44 3NW
United Kingdom.

If you need to pay by credit card, this will need to be done through PayPal, in which case . There will be an additional charge through PayPal of £1 (to cover the transaction fee).

These are charges for my own photographs. If you came here via the Genuki site, and you are wanting to use someone else's photograph or transcription, then please contact me and I will put you in contact with the relevant person, as their charges may be different to mine. Please be aware that this charge is roughly 15% of payments made for publication of articles and photographs by small volume magazines.

Photographs will normally be supplied as a digital jpeg image, 2048 by 1536 pixels or larger as they come off the camera. Payment of the above charge will allow you to use the photograph once on your website, but you will not own the copyright to that photograph and so an acknowledgement must be included so that other people do not copy the photograph from your site without my permission (see my conditions of use page)

Breaches of copyright:
Under UK law, it is illegal to use copyright information without permission of the copyright owner. Where photographs are found to have been used without permission (i.e. stolen), then a flat rate of £100 (one hundred pounds) will be invoiced per year or part thereof.

Those using data from my transcriptions or compiled data for commercial use will be invoiced at £200 per year per page or parts thereof. Similarly, those using said data for non-commercial web pages (i.e. those that don't carry advertisements) will be invoiced at £100 per year per page or parts thereof.

Failure to pay the invoice will result in the claim being persued through the small claims court.

Please see also my conditions of use page.

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