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Photographs and postcards of
Blunham from the early 1900s
(sometimes with the modern views).

These old photographs and postcards were kindly loaned by various people, including Ionie Brennan (Australia), Charlie Harding, Joan Skelton and Frank Reed (all of Blunham).


  1. Blunham Mill: a view of the mill pond and a punt (1905), and a different view showing the River Ivel, the Mill Pond and the Mill (1903).
  2. Grange Road looking north showing 2 of the thatched cottages, the modern view from a similar position, and the rear of one of those cottages.
  3. The northern end of the High Street, now and old.
  4. Looking north up the High Street in 1914 with the Oak pub on the left, and an enlargement of this showing "The Oak" sign. (This is now a private house).
  5. The Cottage (High Street) old photo of unknown date.
  6. The Baptist Chapel, 1907.
  7. The School and Church Institute (pre 1920?), both buildings form the school today.
  8. The Southern end of the High Street, now and old: View 1(1906), View 2 and View 3 (1922).
  9. The Church, old, in 1915, in 1961, and now, and a view of the Church from the churchyard circa 1910
  10. "The Square", showing Judd's store and the Ragged staff, View 1 and View 2, both circa 1907
  11. Half way up the Hill, now, and old: View1, View 2, and View 3 (later, with pavements).
  12. The White horse pub as it was over 50 years ago and as it is now as a private house
  13. The Hill and Barford road and The High Street looking north, both circa 1900 (coloured postcards), a photograph from 1987 looking West, and a recent panoramic mosaic, all from the top of the Church tower.
  14. Warwick Villa (corner of Station Road and The Hill) and a modern view of the same house.
  15. A coloured postcard looking from Park Lane towards the Church down "The Snicket", showing thatched cottages which no longer exist, and a black and white photograph from a similar time.
  16. Park Lane, now and old, and from the same position a photograph of the old Fire Engine House looking towards "The Square".
  17. A view of the Church and the Old Rectory from the Ivel (date not known), a similar view from 1900 on a coloured postcard, and a modern view (by Tim Sharrock).

Do you have any old photographs of Blunham and/or it's people? We are looking for photographs both to add to this page and to use at a future exhibitions to raise funds for the Village Hall etc. If you are prepared to loan us any photographs they will be returned almost immediately (If they are in an album, that doesn't matter as we can scan them in situ). Please give me a ring (we're in the local phone book and BT's Web site), knock on our door, or drop us a line via post or

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