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A.P. 1086

The AP1086 describes the various sections and reference numbers within those sections. It was issued in "Books", but within each book was a Part, so, for instance Book 4 (1) contains Section 10C (Radio chokes and condensers). Each Part was in a constant state of flux as new items came along and others went obsolete. Wherever possible in the list below I have given the year of publication, however there could well have been several amendment lists published in the relevant years.

If you're lost you may well find Book 1 useful.

Some of these pdf files have bookmarks set and so I would recommend that you download the relevant file and read it with an Acrobat reader as opposed to using a web browser as the bookmarks make navigation easier.

Be aware that Murphy's law operates here! - what you're looking for may well be the one item not listed (I speak from experience).


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