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"Yorksgen 2000 Compendium of Recipes, Household Hints and Miscellaneous Trivia"

A new book called "Yorksgen 2000 Compendium of Recipes, Household Hints and Miscellaneous Trivia" is now available for purchase. This will be a wonderful nostalgic look at the foods our hardy ancestors made and served, plus many of the more modern recipes loved by today's cooks.

  1. A whole section for Yorkshire Puddings.
  2. A section of organ meats. Somewhat time consuming to prepare, but a real tribute to the Yorkshire women who had little money and obviously took pride in feeding the family well.
  3. Wartime Recipes, invented when food was drastically rationed.
  4. Delicious Desserts, Steamed Puddings, Sauces.
  5. Homemade beers, wines, plus!
  6. Fish recipes
  7. Preserves and Jams
  8. Sweets, Candies and other Goodies
  9. More! Hard to recount everything of value here.

If you are interested you have an option of two prices. If these orders are placed before June 15…..

 PER BOOK  POSTAGE 1 BOOK ONLY  POSTAGE 2, 3 or 4 BOOKS (same package)
 UK + EU  Rest of World  UK + EU  Rest of World
 $ £ $ £ $ £ $ £ $ £
 9.50  6.50  2.80  1.90  4.00  2.75  5.60  3.80  8.00  5.50


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Note from the editor:- There is little margin of profit here, but the bit they are collecting on each one is being donated to Rootsweb as a Thankyou for their provision of Mailing Lists. Magdalena and June have volunteered their time for this and hope it is a source of pride to Yorkshire descendents or anyone interested in ethnic foods. A fine keepsake to be handed down with Family Trees and to use now as well.