As a child we always called sweets "Goodies" I think this is a term peculiar to East Yorkshire!

Pauline (Ed.)

1900 Cookbook - SPANISH
Thank you to all who replied to my Cookbook page The main question that was asked was : "What is spanish?" Spanish to all Yorkshire folk is in fact liquorice (lik-or-ish), and Pontefract is the home of liquorice.

When we were small children we could buy thick hard sticks of liquorice from the Chemist. When we got home with them we would put them into a corked bottle full of cold water and shake the bottle. After awhile the water would turn black and we had made or own liquorice pop! Sounds awful - but tasted really good! Sometimes we would buy a small thin stick of liqorice from the "Sweet Shop" for half a penny. With this we bought two pennyworth of coloured kali (kay-ly) - a soft, sweet powder in various flavours. We would lick our liquorice stick and dip it into the kali and suck it. The kali would last for ages! Your mouth would usually turn funny coloured shade - but it was bliss!! Children can still buy kali and liquorice today - but not the same thin liquorice we bought, and it costs a lot more money now!