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The Northowram Registers

The Northowram Registers

Toleration Act

******* continuation of page 141 from Conventicle Act *******

    Leeds, the 19th July, 1689,-These are to Certify their
maiestys Justices of ye peace att ye Quarter Sessions Held att
Leeds the day Above that there is a Congregation of Protestant
dissenters doe Assemble to worship God publickly att ye house
of Tho Ledgard in the Town of Idle and pish of Calverley.
                         Tho Ledgard
                         John Stead.
   [Same wording] -House of Isaac Balm in Bouleing in ye pish
of Bradford. - Isaac Balm, John Garnett.
   We  have made  choice of John Brooksbankes  house  in
Ealand in the vicaridge  of  Hallifax for the  public  ser-

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        142             Toleration

vice of God according to a late Act of Parliament made
in  the first year of the  reigne  of King Will and Queen
Mary entitled an Act for exempting their Majesty's protestant
Subjects from certain penal Lawes.
                     Jno Brooksbanke John Lister.
House of Wm Kighley of Kighley- Leeds, July 1689
   ,,  Thomas Leach of West Riddlesden in Morton
   ,,  Joshua Walker of Bingley
   A Congregation or Assembly of Protestant Subjects Dissenting
from the Church of England doe hold their meeting for religious
worship on the Lords Dayes in Toplife Hall, Woodkirk, and they
hold other occasional meetings at Jo. Pickerings house at Tingley;
signed by
                      Jo. Pickering  Tho Atkinson

   These are to Certify &c. . . . that there is a Congregation of
Protestant Dissenters doe Assemble to worship God Publicly att
a Publick place built by ye Inhabitants of Idle for yt purpose in
Idle Town.
                 Jonathan Wnght. Leeds, July 1680.

   To certify yt Joseph Dawson of Morley Clerk doth make
choice of his owne dwellinghouse in Morley to assemble in for ye
service of God according as is allowed by a late Act of Parliament
made &c.
                                        Joseph Dawson
                                        John Coppendale.

   July 1680-House of Oliver Heywood, Clerk, Northouram.

   July 1689-Nathanaell Preistley of Ovenden, Clerk, doth make
choice of ye house of John Butterworth in Wareley to assemble
in for ye service of God

   An Assembly of dissenting protestants in and about Bradford
& Bradfordale do make choice of the House of Rich. Whitehurst
Clerk, Lidgate near Clayton.
House of John Aske of Lancffeild in heptonstall
   ,,    Thomas Johnson of Painthorpe in Sandall Magna

   [Same wording as Idel Chapel; above.] -At a publick place
built by the inhabitants for that purpose at the Towne of Morley
In the parish of Batley
                        John Coppendale,  John Lister.

July 31, 1689, We desire that the barn in Newgate ad Tanshelf

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                          Act.                  143

   belonging to John Watson may be allowed as a place for
   religious worship as by Act of Parlt allowed
           Timothy Lyle, John Mell, John Pickeringe.

July 31, 1689, Ditto for house late Mrs Abigail Mandevile of
          Wm Langley, John Broughton.

July 31, 1689, Ditto, house of Mrs Elizabeth Nodder of Wood-
   house in Hansworth,
         Wm Ellis.
----------Ditto, house of John Armitage of Waldale Leed-
   yate in Kirkburton Parish
         John Armitage.
July 31, 1689, Ditto, Barn late Richard Spoons of Stannington
   in Bradfield
         Richard Greaves, Nicholas Stead.
July 31, 1689, Ditto, House of Margt. Moake of Sheffield.
         George Shore, John Clayton.
July 31, 1689, Ditto, New-hall in Sheffield
         John Sanderson, Francis Girdler.
July 31, 1689, Ditto, building or barn of Margt. Stainforth of
         Joseph Nicholson, Wm. Wadsworth.
July 31, 1689, Ditto, house of James Wright in Attercliffe
         James Wright.
July 31, 1689, Ditto, house of Edw Penne (?) in Sheffield
         Edw Peinne (?).
July 31, 1689, Ditto, house of Mr Elkanah Rich called,Benthom
   (? Bulhouse) in Pennistone
         Francis Haigh, Isaack Wordsworth.
July 31, 1689, Ditto, Thorney Grass House in Fishlake in
   possession of Thomas ffairburn.
         Thomas Perkins, Thomas ffairborne.
July 1689, House and Chappell of Wm R---- Esq, Great
July 1689, House of John  Wordsworth,  Snaith  Hall,  in
---------- House of Mr---- Kirkby, Wakefield.
---------- Idle  Chappell to be restored to Church of

----------      House of Mr.  Win.  Howden, Wakefield, for

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        144               Toleration

The dwellinghouse of John Moore of Rawden is intended for a
   publick meeting place for Protestant dissenters the adherers
   having no other design but to glorify God and edify one another,
   desiring ye health, peace, prosperity and safety of their
   Majesties King William & Queen Mary, & the good of the
   Kingdome,  Therefore we whose names are here subscribed
   desire this worthy Bench to grant us a Licence,  God save the
   King and Queen.
            John Moore, Josias Marshall, Jeremiah Marshall,
            John Marshall, Ezekiel Butler, John Hardacer, Abrm
            Hollings, 1689.
Oct. 1689, House of Joseph Hall, Thorne, near Wakefield
            Joseph Hall.
Oct. 8, 1689, Barn, Widdow Hill at Windall in Calverley
            Richard Simson, Willim Garth, Joshuah Sandall, Tim
            Collier, John Hardacer, John Moore.
Oct. 8, 1689, House of Richard Wheatley, called Northrop in
            Richard Wheatley.
Oct. 8, 1689, House of George Heie of Linley in Quarmbie
            George Heie.
Oct. 8, 1689, House of Michael Norton, Quarmby
            Michael Norton.
    The people called Quakers [Brighouse Monthly Meeting] have
the following places for worship and give notice to the Justices :-
One at Stansfeld at house of James Stansfeild.
           ,,         ,,     James Bancroft.
           ,,         ,,     John ffeelding.
Four in Langfield at houses of Thomas Sutcliffe, Anthony
   Crossley, John Greenwood, Joshua ffeelding.   -
One each at houses of Abraham Shakelton, of Wareley, Henry
   Broadbelt of Midgley, Joshua Smith of Sowerby, Abraham
   Hodgson of Scircoate, Jonathan Laycocke of Scircoate.

One at Robert Cowlings of Northowram, Daniel Sutcliffes of
   Stansfeld, John Eccles of Nether Woodhouse, Jonas Prestons
   of Rastrick, Richard Hansons of Brighouse, Thomas Greens in
   Longliversedge, William Pearsons at Okenshaye, Edmond
   Horsfalls of Greenhouse, John Marshlands of Quarmbye,
   Timothy Hoyles of Broadcarr, Robert Walkers of Staincliffe,
   Martha Phillips house of Bowlinge, William Cookes of the
   same, John Winns of Bradford, Jonas Bonds house of Bolton,

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                      Act.                        145

   Thomas Bonds house Ecclesall, John Kays house of Birkhouse
   in Shelley.
One meeting place in the hamlet of Wooldale,
One at the houses of Henry Jackson of Tottyes, John Bradford of
   Ossett, John Attack of the same,
One at Joseph Naylors of Ardsley, Richard Lawtons of Midgley,
   John Whaleys of Langfeld.
   We desire that these meeting places may be registered: James
Bancroft, John Eckles, Henry Jackson, Thomas Roberts, John
Bradford, Joseph Naylor.
Oct. 10, 1689, House of James Smith, Haworth
            James Smith.
Oct. 10,1689, House of Henry Nayler, Lighthazles in Sourbey
            Henry Nayler.
Oct. 8, 1689, Chappell of Tosside for dissenters
            Henry Robinson.
   To be referred to the Archbishop and if not granted case to
     be brought to Wetherby Sessions.
Oct. 8, 1689, Houses of John Bullock & Henry Robinson of
   Sawley and Tosside
            Henry Robinson.
Oct. 8, 1689, Houses of Mr Richard Ffrankland of Rathmell,
   John Wilkinson of Halton West, George Wilkinson of Lower
   Scale, James Brogden of Slickhouse
             John Hey.
   Oct. 8, 1689, QUAKERS' PLACES-
   One at  ffarrfeild in Addingham at George Myers house
      ,,   Gatecroft in    ,,    at Joshua Dawsons house by course
      ,,    Silsden in Kildwick at Thomas Bleakeys house
One at Bradeley in     ,,    at Mathew Luptons house
One, by course, at houses of John Hall in Skipton, Abigail Stott
   in Skipton, Peter Hardcastle in Hartwith, Kirkby Malzeard
   parish, Miles Oddy in Netherdale, Rippon, Peter Moor, Bewerley
   in Netherdale, William Reedshaw at Beckwithshaw in Panhall
One meeting house ffarrfeilds in Addingham built for yt purpose,
   One meeting house at Arkendale at the house of Jane Clarkson,
   one meeting house at Knaresborough at Mary Middleton house,
   One meeting house at Henry Thompson, Senr, house in Ask-
   with, Weston parish by course, One at the houses of Robert
   Smith in Askwith, Edmund Greenwood in Askwith, John
   Myers of Thackeray in ffewston, John Overend in Guiseley,

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        146              Toleration

   James Marshall of Idle Thorpe, Margret Walker of Yeadon,
   Sarah Grimeshaw of Rawdon, Henry Thompson of Weston,
   ffrancis Emmett of Westsikegreen in Hampsthwaite
           We desire these meeting places may be registered-
       George Myers, Peter Hardcastle, Willm Readshaw,
           Miles Oddy Senr, Henry Thompson Junr, John
           Barber, John Overend, Chris. Greenwood

     Oct 8, 1689, Quakers-
One at Setle built on Purpose
One meeting house at Bentham built for yt purpose
One at ye houses of Samuel Watson of Stainforth in Giggles
   Wicke, George Atkinson at Roamhouses in Giggleswicke, John
   Moore in Clapham Parish, Henry Bayley of the Hill in Mitton
   parish, John Walbanke, Mary Peel, William Birkett, Nicholas
   ffrankeland, Thomas Turner all of Slaiteburne parish
One at Benjamin Parkers in Thorneton, James Dawtery in
   Carolton parish

One each at ye houses of Richard Boothman of Salterforth,
   Thomas Wood of Marton parish, Margaret King of Marten,
   William King of Stainton, William Ellis of Broughton parish,
   James Walton of Earby in Thorneton
One at fflasby in Gargreave built for yt purpose

One at houses of John Tomlinson in Gargreave, Phinehas Parkin-
   son at Belbuske,  William Anderson in Malham,  Richard
   Wilkinson of Knowbanke, William Moorehouse in Cracoe,
   James Conyers in Rilsden, Christopher Moorehouse in Hetton,
   Willm Ellis in Aerton, James  Tennant at Scarrhouse in
   Arncliph, James Scott in Hawkeswicke, Richard Harrison in
   Dent, Edmund Winne in Grisedale, Richard Wilson in Gars-
   dale, Matthew Hogg at Harrogate, William Dickinson of
   Bilton cum Harragate
One at Brigg flatts in Sedbergh
         We desire that these places may be recorded-Geo
         Myers, Peter Hardcastle, James  Tennant,  Miles
         Oddy Senr, John Overend, Willm Readshaw, John
         Barber, Henry Thomson Jr., Chris Greenwood
    To this is added :-
One each at houses of Ingram Holmes of Dearstones, in Skipton,
   John Moore at Brownhill in Shipton, Henry Whittaker of

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                    Act.                 147

            {Barnsley Sessions, 15 Oct., 1689.}
        These are defaced and decayed by damp.
(1) My dwelling house, Bolton sup Dearne,
         Nathan Denton.
(2) Mansion House, Beale als. Beage Hall, residence of Jas.
                James Creswick
(3) {Quakers}-
    One at High flatts at Edward Dickenson -
    1 at Wm Marsdens
    1 at Abraham Roberts -
    1 at Caleb Broadhead -
    1 at Wm Keys -
    1 at Richard Brook
    1 at Wm Keys of-
    1 at Hen Dison of Lower -
    1 at Thos Barkers -
    1 at Jo: Firth-
    1 at Tho Mittons of Barkishland
    1 at Hen Dickensons at Shephouse
    1 at Jo in Lang -
    1 at Ralph Sanderson
    1 at Jo. Charlesworth -
    1 at Jonathan Woodhouse -
    1 at -
    1 at Wm Shawes at Hill
    1 at Geo Shawes at Brookeside
    1 at Richard Websters in Sheffield
    1 at Hen Robucks in Casbrook
    1 at Godfrey Newbolds
    1 at Robert Haslams in Hansworth
    1 at Godfrey Watkinsons
    1 at Jo: Beales in Rotherham
    1 at ffra Ellis in Denington
    1 at Hen Milners in Brampton
    1 at Sarah Ffletchers in Barnsley Widd.
    1 public meeting place in Thorne
    4 at Pollington  [Names illegible]
    5 at Rawcliffe  [Names illegible]
    1 each at Richard Cookes, Elizth Womer  ---- Sharpe,

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        148         Toleration

   1689-Meeting place for Dissenters at Darington at Edward
   ---  Whitesides, & 10 others; one at Oakes

                  SESSIONS JAN. 1689.
Barn belonging to Thomas Cockshott in Kildwick.
          Signed-John Dickonson, Martin Dickonson, John
               Wright, John Dugdale, John Barrett

Meeting house for Quakers at House of Wm Holgate, Sawley
        Wm Holgate, Edward Mavor, Christo Knapton
Another at John Tippins, of satne Manor, crossed out
Meeting house for Quakers at house of Thomas Masons in
   Wetherby, at Richard Stables in Bramham, Christopher Knap-
   tons in Sherburne, Mary Tenants at Beamsley in Skipton.
   One at Edward Moores in Wetherby crossed out.
           Signed-Wm Holgate, Edward Moore, Chris. Knapton.
Barn of Christopher Edmondson in Barnoldsweek.
       John Dickonson, Martin Dickonson, John Wright, John
         Dugdale, John Barrett.

Houses of Jane Moreley and Christopher Willson both in
             Edwd Jackson, Lane End Kildwicke.
                LEEDS, 1689,

House of Samuel Hurd, Stancliffe in Batley.
     John Leadbeter, Jonathan Jagger, Samuell Hird.
   ,,    William Hepworth of Morefield in Morefield [Mirfield]
                Samuel Dey.
   That an assembly of Discenting Protestants at Alverthorpe in
the parish of Wackfeild do make Choyce of A Misedge belongin
the dweling house Mr Peter Naylor Clarke to assemble in for
Relidgous Worshipe Acording as is alowed by a late Acte &c.
    Peter Bradbury, John Ray, Daniell Sykes.

   Wee shall (God willing) Assemble & meet at Kipping house
in Thornton in Bradfordale & at Jonas Deans House in Mixenden
in ye parish of Hallifax.
           Matthew Smith, Jno Hall, Joseph Lister, Jonas Deane,
             John Hanson, John Berry.

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                         Act.                         149

House of Joseph Walker of Burstall, called ye closes.
         John Ray, Richard Atkinson, John Kitson.
House of John Leadheater, Whitelees in Batley.
         David Noble, John Holdsworth.
House of Mr William Kirby, Wakefield.
         Cornelius Clarke, William Handen.
That Thomas Sharp of Little Horton nigh Bradford Clerk doth
   make choice of his own house to assemble in &c.
   This may certify the Court that the dwelling house of Abraham
Dixon of Bowling in the parrish of Bradford and County of York
is intended & by the adherers thereto agreed upon for a publick
meeting place for protestant dessenters having no other desire but
to glorifie god & edifie one another desiring the health, peace
prosperity & safty of their majesties King William and Queen
Mary & the good of the Kingdome.  Therefore we whose names
are here subscribed do desire this honourable & worthy Bench to
grant us a Licence.
        Robert Burnell
    Abr Dixon    God save the King &
    Jo. Hardakers       Queen.
                        Pontefract, April, 1690.

We shall (God willing) assemble and meet to celebrate Gods
   worship at Paul Helliwell's house in Stansfield in the parish of
        Heptonstall,                     Pont. Ap. 1690.
Ditto:    for John Haworth's house in Langfield in Heptonstall.
                                         Pont. Ap. 1690.

Barn belonging to Richard Kendall of Sawley in Craven registered
   for protestant dissenters.
           Richd Kendall, Richd Brewer, Giles Hargreaves, Wm
             Slater, Richard Brigg.   Skipton, July. 1690.
Barn at Tong for Meetings recorded on the petition of John
    Goodall.        Wakefield, Jan. 1690.
Barn in the occupation of Thos Beeston of Ashold in Otley
         Timothy Collier, John Hardacer, Josias Marshall,
           Richard Simson, John Moore.
                                      Leeds, July 1690.
John Rhodes house of Haworth registered for worship
                                      Knaresbro, Oct. 1690.
Bradsworth Hall in the occupation of Mrs Susannah Wentworth
   recorded as a place for a congregation of religious worshippers

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        150               Toleration

   on the petition of Robt Cooke.  Donc. Jan, 1690.
Petition to have the house of Mr John Mandeville, Rotherham,
   recorded as Meeting House,  Wm Cooper.  Granted.
                                     Rotherham, July 1691.
Ditto-Benj. Westby's house, Raufeild,
Dwelling house of John Smithies of Little Horton recorded as
        place of religious meeting.             Wfd. Jan 1691.
         Signed-Saml Swayne, John Smythies, John Butterfield,
           Robt Parkinson.
Highfield House, Southowram, recorded as Meeting House,
                                               Wfd. Jan. 1691.
Upper Binns house [Southowram] (James Scholefield's) recorded.
                                               Wfd. Jan. 1691.
Henry Firth's Barn, Hunsworth, Burstall, recorded,
                                               Pont. Ap. 1691.
The Quakers gave notice, Wetherby, January 1691, of the fol-
   lowing meeting places,-
Att our Publick Meeting house at Brig flatts in the parish of
At the dwelling houses of John Blaykling, Richard Willan, John
   Holmes, ffrancis Blaykling, John Atkinson, Thomas Hawden,
   John Knewstob, All in the Parish of Sedbergh.
At the dwelling houses of James Greenwood, Richard Harrison,
   George Capstack, Samuell Winn,  Anthony Mason, Myles
   Burton, all in Dent.
At houses of Edward Rawe, Richard Wilson, William Raw in
   Garsdale; Edmond Wynn, Michaell Dawson in Grisdale.
    Signed, Edward Moore, John Burleigh.
    So ordered.
John Wormall's house at Allerthorp for Quakers Meeting House,
      Signed, John Bradford, John Kidd, John Candler.
                                              Wfd. Oct. 1691.
We some of the Inhabitants of Bramham & Clifford have chosen
a house called Petty House in Clifford for preaching place.
        Lancelott Smithies,                 Leeds, July 1691.
House of Samuel Naylor of Skelmanthorpe for a place of Public
    Signed Henry Jackson, Joseph Naylor
                                             Leeds July 1691.
House of Michael Sheard in Hopton near Mirfield, for a place for
   religious worship.                         Pont. Ap. 1692.

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                      Act.                             151

A new house at Bullhouse in Penistone recorded as place for
   worship-                                   Pont. Ap. 1692.
House of Mrs Abigail Mandevale in Rotherham recorded as place
   for religious worship.                     Donc. Jan. 1602.

House of Thomas Fether of Northis in Haworth for dissenting
meeting place.
    Signed-Thos. ffether, John Holmes, Robert Heaton,
         Nicholas Dickson, Michael Pighells, Chr. Holmes,
         George ffether, John Moore, Joseph Pighells.
                                              Leeds July 1693.

House of Martha Mitchell of Slenmerow in Slaidburne recorded
as Preaching Place.
        Signed-John Hey.                      Skip. July 1693.

House of Henry Wood, clothier, ffarnhell in Kildwick, recorded
   as Preaching place                         Skip. July 1693.

Houses of John Hall and John Cooper, adjoining to the Green in
   the New Markett, Skipton, fitt & convenient place for Public
   Worship desired to be recorded.            Skip. July 1693.
House of Beatrix Sayll Widd, Pudsay, recorded
        Signed-Richard Hutton.                Wfd. Oct. 1694.

House of Abm Heinworth in Pudsey, and the barn, recorded for
   religious worship.                         Pont. Ap. 1694.

   Wee the peopell of the Lord Who is called by the name of
Quakers Doe make Choise of Robert Lumm & Elizabeth Rain-
house in Wakefield & Hellin Spray of the same for Meetein
houses for to Worship God In & wee have formerly subscribed;
and James Asquith house at Heaton Common side, Dewsbury,
& our Burying place adjoyning to the highway betwene Wakefeild
and Agbrigg.
              Signed-Robert Lomm, Elizabeth lomm, Joseph Naylor,
               his  marke, James Asquith, John Bradford.
                                                Wfd. Jan. 1694.

House of Wm Lupton of Olerthorpe, Wakefield, )   recorded
    ,,   John Holdsworth of Spenn, Burstal,  )  for worship.
                                                Wfd. Jan.. 1694.

    ,,   Tho Whaley of Winterburne
    ,,   John Walker of Bingley
    ,,   Tho Leach Junr, Morton Banks
    ,,   Joseph Hammond, Bingley

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        152              Toleration

    ,,    Martha Marshall, Bingley
    ,,    Joseph Hollings, Allerton in Bradfordale.
    ,,    Joseph Wright, Hippholme.

                                                  Wak. Jan. 1694.

We (Quakers) desire to have the following places registered as
places for Religious Worship-

House of Robt Willan, Dent,
    ,,   Martha Eliss, Riggton,
    ,,   Alexander Hopwood, Tadcaster.
         Signed-John Burleigh, Edward Moore,
                                              Wetherby, Jan. 1694.

House of Phillip Harrup, Greenay Hill, Rippon, recorded
                                              Wetherby, Jan. 1694.
Houses of Tho Jefray, Church Marton.
   ,,     John Constantine, Elslacke.
   ,,     Samuell Taylforth, Rilston.
   ,,     Will. Elles [Airton]                    Weth. Jan. 1694.

House of Joseph Webster, Whiteley, Thornhill, for meeting of
          Signed John Bradford, Wm Claughton, John Claughton,
            Joseph Webster.                  Wakefield, Oct. 1695.
Barne late Wm Lepton's, Pudsey, for preachings
          Signed, Richard Hutton, Abraham Haineworth, John
       Rudde, Richard ffarrer.           Wfd. Oct. 1695.
House of Robt Ramsden, Southowram.
          Signed, Wm Naylor.                       Wfd. Oct. 1695.
House of John Wright, Kighley, for Protest, Dissenters.
          Signed, John Holmes, Michaell Pighells, Robt Merall.
House at Shewbroad, Langfield, for Publique Worship,
                                                   Wfd. Jan. 1695
         Signed, Daniell Sutcliff, Thos Sutcliff, James Banscroft,
       Jno Greenwood, John ffielden, Jos ffeilden.

House of Robert Duckworth in Halifax for Quaquers.
         Signed-Jonathan Laycocke, Henry Dyson, Robert
         Duckworth.                              Wakef. Jan. 1695.

House of John Jackson in Halifax, for religious Worship,
Signed,  John  Jackson,  Geo Hargreaves, Joshua
        Laycocke.                                Wfd. Jan. 1695.

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        Act.    153

House of Thomas fferrand of Bradford for religious worship,
                                                 Wfd. Jan. 1695.
John Moore desires a certificate as being a protestant dissenting
   Minister, and desires also his House in Guiseley for meeting
   place,                                     ) Leeds July 1695.
House of Matthew Smith of Mixindin, Ovenden,  ) recorded
        and that of Charles Gaukroger of      ) Leeds, July,
        Errenden                              )     1695.
          Signed, Jonas Deane.

House of Robt Whitehead in Sadleworth for a congregation of
protest: Dissenters-
           Signed, John Rhodes.                Leeds, July, 1695.
House of Mr Joseph Lister in Bingley recorded    ,,    ,,    ,,
         Hugh Ramsden in Golcar        ,,        ,,    ,,    ,,
             Signed- Joseph Heeley.
House of John Heawards, Tanshelf, for religious worship.
           Signed, John Huntington.                Pont. Ap. 1695.
Meeting places for people called "Quakers" recorded-for the
   house of John Box, husbandman, Barmbrough, and the house
   of John Burgesse of Morehouse in Hutton-pannell.
                                                Pont. Ap. 1695.
James Garth's New building in Heaton recorded     ,,   ,,  ,,
House of Samuell Sykes merchant at Cawood         ,,   ,,  ,,
Thomas Pollard's Barne in Bolling                 ,,   ,,  ,,
          ) John Tippin of Grainge in Sawley,
          ) John Scott, Longam Roe, Sawley,
Houses of ) Willm Oddye, Gylls, Rimington in Gisborne,
          ) Willm Watson, Loyne, Middop in Gisborne,
      ) Thomas Desver(?) of Gasegill, Rimington in Gisburne,
                              recorded Knaresbro' Oct. 1695.
                Signed for all-Ralph Pawson.

House of Joseph Clark, Rawmarsh  )  for
   ,,   Lorence Pearson, Tinsley )  Quakers.
                                   Rotherham July, 1695.
                  Signed-Thomas Oldham.
House of William Catforth, Rawckliffe )  for
  ,,     Robt Bowland                 )
  ,,    Wm Walker      ,,             )  Quakers.
  ,,    George Box of Trumflitt   )   for
  ,,    John Dearman of Brafit    )   Quakers
  ,,    Caleb Lee of Aston        )        Barnsley,
                                           Oct. 1695.
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        154            Toleration

House of Giles Shaw, Quick -     recorded, Wfd. Oct. 1690.
         Edmund Buckley, Quick      ,,           ,,
         John Wharton, Tadcaster    ,,            ,,
         Nathanl Priestley, Ovenden ,,            ,,
    Halifax-The bearer hereof comes upon my errand viz to
procure a license for a Publick Meeting House newly erected in
Halifax.  If you'l please to lend him yr assistance yt he may be
quickly dispatch'd 'twill extremely oblige
                       Sr yr aff. Kins. & Servt    -
                            Nath Priestley.
   Ovenden Oct ye 8. 96.
  {Quakers}-People of God called Quakers, certifie-
One at Wm. Shaw's the Hill in Bradfield
  ,,    Geo Shaw's Brookhouse,    ,,
  ,,    ffran. West Carrbrook, Sheffield,
  ,,    Thos. Ward's liberties, Sheffield town.        Oct 1696.
House of Samuell Haigh, Marsden  recorded for place for
        Religious Worship.                       Wfd. Jan. 1696.

House of Thomas Hodgson, Bradford, recorded.
                                                 Wfd. Jan. 1696.
House at [Pontefract] wherein I now dwell may be recorded as
   place for Religious Worship
        John Heywood.               April 1696, Pontefract Sess.
House of Jo : Cordingley, Liversedge, recorded.
                                                 Pont. Ap. 1696.
   ,,   Jeremiah Hillas, Norwood, for Quakers.
                                                 Pont. Ap. 1696.
House and Barne of Robt. Gawtherappe of Carleton recorded.
                                                 Pont. Ap. 1696.
Part of House called Lupsit House, being the part in possession
   of Mr Joshua Sager recorded.                     July, 1696.
House of John Stansfeld of Sowerby recorded.
                                               Leeds, July 1696.
Houses of (Quakers)
      viz-John Drake, Bradford Parish,
          Will Clayton Haworth Parish
          Jonas Smith       ,,
          Jonathn Widdop Bingley Parish
          Jeremie Heaton    ,,
          Richard Shakelton   ,,

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                     Act.                             155

          John Hird,  Kighley Parish
          Will Smith       ,,
          John Smith       ,,
      Thom. Briggs       ,,
      Jeremie Briggs   ,,
          Jonas Turner     ,,
          James Ramsden    ,,
          Will. Davie of Kildwicke Parish
          John Wade        ,,
                                             Leeds, July 1696.
   Please send by the Bearer a Licence for a Prot. Dissent.
Meeting to be holden at House of Robt Hancocke, Sheffield.
The bearer will pay what law requires.
                                             Barns. Oct. 1696.
House of John Moore, Horsforth, Dissenting meeting House
   recorded.                                 Leeds, July 1697.
   Certify that ye Dissenting Protestants in & about Wakefield
do set apart ye New erected Place at Westgate End for a meeting
       Joseph Conder         July 15, 1697.
                                             Leeds, July 1697.
We, Protestant Dissenters-appoint house of James Taylor of
the Cross in Saddle worth in the West Riding for worship of
             James Taylor, James Hayward, Isaac Wilde, John
              Kennerley,  Caleb Broadhead, Henry Dickenson,
              Hien Jackson.
                                             Roth. July 1697.

House of Joshua Brooksbank, Broomhall in Gunthwait in Peni-
   stone. "for my Friends," called Quakers
                                             Roth. July 1697.
House of Richard Lee, Newton in Bolland, recorded
        John Hey.                                 Skip. 1697.
Houses of Miles Oddy & Peter Hardcastle in Dacre cu Bewerley
                                              Pont. Ap. 1697.
Barne of Mr. Wright in Winsor Lane Knarsbrough.
         James Talor Minnister, John Wright, William Thomp-
          son, George Cass, Wm. Benson, &c.
                                              Pont. Ap. 1697.
House & Barn of John Blackburne, Sutton recorded.
                                              Pont. Ap. 1698.

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        156                Toleration

House of Richard Ward, Hillam in Monk ffrystone and
  ,,         Edmund Hemingway ,,    ,,    ,,    recorded
  for Quakers-Signed Richd Ward, George Bocock, Joseph
         Dickinson, Edmund Hemingway, Robt Clarkson.
                                               Pont. Ap. 1698.

Meeting House by & in ye Burying place of ye people called
Quakers Joyning on a Lane called Southgate in Pontefract and
set apart for ye Publique Worship of God after their maner.
          Robt. Clarkson, Ferdinando Buck, Joshua Marsden.
                                               Pont. Ap. 1698.
New Erected house in Monck Bretton called West Croft House
   recorded.                                   Wfd. Oct. 1698.

Houses of Michll Broadley, Henry ffarrar, John Hollings, Benj.
          Ferrand at Harden Grange, Richard Wilkinson & Thos.
          Whaley, all in Bingley Parish be recorded.
                                              Skip. July 1698.
House of Henry King, Langber in Marton,     )  Signed-
         Wm. King's Oucliffe in Carleton,   )  Hen. King
         John King, West Marton,            )
         Wm. Slater, Langcroft in Kildwick. )  Sk. July 698.

Houses of William Windle of Barnoldsweek Coates, Richard
   Stoney of Cromacke in Clapham. Mathew ffrankland of Clapdell
   in Clapham, Stephen Egland, of Selside in Horton: all for
        Henry King, Thomas Wood.              Pont. Ap. 1699.

Houses of Sarah Coates & Daniel Parker Earby, Thomas
   Womersley in ffishlake, Abraham Beaumont of fenwick.
                                      Pontefract, April, 1699.
A publick Meeting House in ye Townshipp of Rastrick in ye
   parish of Yealand [Elland]: Also ye house of James Greaves
   in Okenshey for Quakers.
         Samuel Grimshaw.                        Pont. Ap. 1699.
House of Will Rokeby. Esq, of Scella               ,,  ,,   ,,
         John Pigot
   ,,    John Chappel of Burton near Barnsley
House of Wm. Mitchell of Bolling.
         Signed-Wm Mitchell, Abraham Barraclough, George
          Hey, John Smethies,  Samuell Swaine, Mathew
          Thornton, Abraham Dixon, Saml Thornton, John
          Hutchinson, Wm Thornton.   Leeds, July. 1699.

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                    Act.                                 157

New erected Chappell, Barnsley, Wak. Jan 1699.
         Joseph Deykin.
House of Richard Reyner in Halifax.
         Signed-Sarah Jackson,  Joshua Laycock,  Richard
            Reyner.                              Wfd. Jan. 1699.
House of Thos Marriot, gentl. of uphill. Sheffield     Oct 1699.
  ,,     John Clarke of Ramar, for Quakers.
  ,,     Mary Rastricke, Rawdon.
  ,,     John Hattersley, Sheffield.
  ,,     Joseph Dickenson. Woodhall, Womersley.

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