Blunham Pubs : The Crown

By Bill Exley

BByyByBBVBBrewers - Day & Co. St. Neots

'The Crown' note the Sign, date unknown

15, 17 - The Hill, in 2001

'The Crown' site is halfway down The Hill and opposite the vllage Post Office / general store, (as was c1920s / 1930s) ran by John Norman, with a Butchers' shop next door, served by Mr,Mrs Benbridge. . Later, it was F.S. Charteress and Son, (Mr, Mrs Frank and Anne Charteress) , until around the 1980s, he retired then his son David and Sandra continue the business. The Crown Pub 'site' is 15, The Hill today, but it had a 3 on the door from 1898 to the 1920's , also called The Rose and Crown way back in 1854. This numbering was due to newcomers to the village, infilling with new houses , this led to old cottages being demolished all down The Hill, (L.H.S) but not replaced, it can be seen by the numbering of todays' houses, as between - 19 to 73, The Hill have just simply Vanished. Go to the bottom of The Hill and pick up the numbers to be seen today. Perhaps for more access to profitable Farming Land ?

Fr interest, see link below for more about Blunham 100yrs ago in the 1920's & 30's, through the Eyes of a child and his visits. . Re The Crown / Rose & Crown and the Chronicles of the Samway family - written by Jim Ellis at the age of 89yrs, * - Blunham Memories : Nov / 2011 * (via - Colin Hinson) and very interesting too, with refs to the ill fated R101 Airship.

The R101 Airship was built at nearby Cardington under the worlds' largest single cell Hanger , but sadly during trials, it crashed into a hill, in Beauvais, France on the 5th October 1930, resulting in the loss of 48 lives.

The Hindenburg Airship accident happened on the 6th May 1937, in New Jersey, U.S.A. while trying to conect to the docking mast, 35 people lost their lives.

Jim Ellis. Author of 'Blunham Memories' , - b. 1922 / d.Sept-2020, aged 98yrs. - Astute Penman and a humorous man. See link, 6 lines up, or on the Index page. He was employed as a Metallurgist for British Steel all his working life. He was the father of Julie Bennett and the grandson of James & Olivia Samway. - Olivia sadly passes away, aged 94yrs - 30/04/1941

Eliz. & Sara Reid , - Now selling Ales as a Beerhouse 1854-1869
James & Eliz. Samway - They later, have a son , also called James 1869-1895
1st. Licence granted - to the Rose & Crown
Brewers now - Ann Day of - Day & Co. St Neots

James Samway, the son, now marries a Scots girl - Olivia

Mrs Eliz, Mary Samway - (Widow) 1895-1898
Frank King 1898-1900
Wm. West Norman 1900-1912
. Now the Blunham population is 603 - Served by the Eight Pubs in - 1909
Eliz. Norman - (Widow) 1912-1913
James Giggle - We still have Olivia domicile
The Pub now closes, and reverts to a 'Private Dwelling' - during
James & Olivia Samway - c1921- (records scarce here) 1919-1941
James Samway , sadly passes away during December - (ref Jim Ellis , Grandson) 1930
Olivia Samway, b.1847 - now passes away , aged 94yrs
June / 2021
Reginald and Phyllis Ashwell 1946-1969
Mrs Phyllis Ashwell (Widow) 1975-1976
Mrs Violet Allen 1976-1983
Alan & Teresa Williams 1983- ?
Edward, Eddie - Prior / Steam- Engine expert and skilled Engineer  
O * O * O

The history of the Samway Family / 1869-1941 / with new information kindly sent in by Julie Bennett, via Colin Hinson, on 10/11/2011, also the Great, Great Grand daughter of James & Elizabeth Samway - and daughter of Jim Ellis.



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