Blunham Pubs: The Crown

Day and Co. St. Neots

By Bill Exley

'The Crown' note the Sign- date unknown- and no pavements
15 & 17 The Hill, 2001

Situated halfway down The Hill, 'The Crown' was opposite the Village Butcher, F.S. Charteress and Son, (Mr, Mrs Frank Charteress) later his son David and Sandra took over the business. The Crown Pub site is 15, The Hill today but it has had different numbers on the door over the years, also called 'The Rose and Crown' way back in 1854. This numbering was due to the newcomers to the village infilling with bungalows, this led to old cottages being demolished. On this side of the The Hill going down, it can be seen by the numbering of todays' houses, between19 to 73, The Hill have simply vanished

Mrs. Eliz. Reid , selling Ales as a Beerhouse 1854-1869
Mrs Sara Reid 1869-1876
James and Eliz. Samway. 1st. Licensees 1876-1898
Owned by Emily Ann Day of Days Brewery St. Neots.  
Mrs Eliz, Mary Samway (Widow) 1898-1903
William. Norman 1903-1910
The Beerhouse now closes around :
Now a Private Dwelling and inhabited by :-  
James and Olivia Samway 1919-1941
Olivia Samway passes away , aged 94yrs 30/4/ 1941
Reginald and Phyllis Ashwell 1946-1969
Mrs Phyllis Ashwell (Widow) 1975-1976
Mrs Violet Allen 1976-1983
Alan and Teresa Williams 1983- ?
Edward /Eddie/Prior, Steam Engine enthusiast and skilled Engineer  
New information kindly sent in by Julie Bennett, the Great, Great Grand daughter of the first Lic. holders James and Eliz Samway/ Ref Entries 1919 to 30/4/41 and the Samway family 10.11,2011.

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