"MISC and MASH" around BLUNHAM

by Bill Exley


1 . Did you know that Today, was the Tomorrow that you were worried about Yesterday, and all seems well so why worry?

2 . Worry is like a Rocking Horse, it gives you something to do, but you get Nowhere at the end of the day ...

3 . There is a Past which has gone Forever, but there is a Future which is still our own ...

4 . 'Mash', a mixture of Grain or Malt steeped in Hot Water to form a 'Wort'.. part of the Beer making process ...

5 . Now, don't ever forget , that if you go into a

6 . I was told years ago, that the only silly question, is the one that's 'Not' asked, it's the only way to learn ...

7 . It's Nice to be Important , but it's 'more' Important to be Nice ... ( Mix and Match or Misc and Mash ? )

8. Measure twice , then Cut Once, a carpenters' Tip...

9. If you think 'near enough' is 'good enough' then work for our Competitors (A local Ad. for skilled metal workers)...

10,Did you know that if a 'Nano' Second (10 to the -9 ) became a Second, a second would have to Equate as 32 Yrs ! ! Do the Maths (or Math) 60 = 1 Min , x 60 = 1 hr , x 24 , then x 365 etc , // so Seconds in a year = 31.5 million, x 32 = 1,008, million , now we have our +9 zeros // It is a 1,000-millionth of a Second ...


11. At long last we have just been informed by the Barnsley company of 'ARKWRIGHT & SON' that they have now sufficient quantity for each of you to have his own, so GUARD IT WELL. These 'Tuits' have been hard to come by, especially the Round Ones. This is an indispensable item, it will help you to become a much more efficient worker. For years we have heard people say, " I'll do this when I get round Tuit'' Now you have a 'Round Tuit' of your very own, many things that have needed to be accomplished will get done...

12. 'The Beerhouse' . A Beerhouse was typically a Pub but 'No Bar' just a cosy room with your Beers being Hand - Delivered to the tables. A License could be obtained for Two Guineas a year (£2 .10) by anyone to sell Beers on their own premises, but not to be taken away, this Beerhouse Act came in during 1830 but altered in later years. A 'Public House' was licensed by the Brewers Act of 1828 and liable to a Police Inspection at any time of the day or night, this made sure that the drinking times were observed. A Beerhouse was within a Cottage or House , the 'Cellar' or 'Tap-Room' usually in a nearby spare room, where the casks of Ale would be 'tapped' and kept to the required conditions. This is where the term a 'Tap- Room' originated , as opposed to the 'Best Room' or 'Lounge Bar' for the Ladies. They would then be apart from the mens' smoke and language used by the Factory or Land Workers. The Drinking room would have had a nice Open Fire for the drinkers' comfort on a chilly night, the men were heavy drinkers as Pubs were all open most of the day until more rigid drinking laws came in... Back to Index Page


During my researches of Pubs & Beerhouses in Blunham I came across some interesting facts of nearby villages, but relating only to the year 1903. These were NORTHILL, MOGGERHANGER and SANDY, copied from a large 'Brewery Ledger' (Apprx. 18'' x 8'' when closed) seen in a Sandy pub. There was a 'staggering' 16 Pubs / Beerhouses in Sandy during 1903, but only 2 known of in Moggerhanger, THE ROSE with a Thomas S. Mardlin behind the bar and THE OLD GUINEA with Fredrick King , followed by the-

NORTHILL Pubs/ Beerhouses, 11 in all for 1903

The Crown / Martha Marson ,

The Kings Head / Henry Brinklow ,

The Rose & Crown/James Nottingham

The Royal Oak/Authur Woodward

The Sugar Loaf/Samuel Matthews

The Lion / James York

The Queens Head / Sidney W. Ebbs

The Gardners Arms / Samuel Stanford

The Barley Mow / George Truin

Then 2 with no name at all, probably the old Beerhouse type. ( See Ref 12 above ) Sarah, Ann Darnell and Joseph Nottingham

It was a pleasure to discover the above information as it was recorded in the typical Ornate style of that time

AN AFTERTHOUGHT AFTER 25 YRS - -Bill Exley - Last Update - 17th Sept 2019

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