"MISC and MASH" around BLUNHAM

by Bill Exley


1 . Did you know that Today, was the Tomorrow that you were worried about Yesterday, and all seems well so why worry?

2 . Worry is like a Rocking Horse, it gives you something to do, but you get Nowhere at the end of the day ...

3 . There is a Past which has gone Forever, but there is a Future which is still our own ...

4 . 'Mash', a mixture of Grain or Malt steeped in Hot Water to form a 'Wort'.. part of the Beer making process ...

5 . Now, don't ever forget,that if you,

6 . I was told years ago, that the only silly question, is the one that's 'Not' asked, it's the only way to learn ...

7 . It's nice to be Important, but it's 'more' Important to be Nice ...

8. Measure twice , then Cut Once, A carpenters' Tip...

9. If you think 'near enough' is 'good enough' then work for our Competitors (A local Ad. for skilled metal workers)...

10,Did you know that if a Nano Second (10 to the minus nine) became a Second, a second would have to Equate as 32 Yrs ! ! Do the Maths (or Math) 60 = 1 Min / x 60= 1 hr, x 24, then x 365 etc , // Seconds in a year = 31.5 million / x 32 = 1,008, million // It is a 1,000-millionth of a Second.


During my researches of Pubs & Beerhouses in Blunham I came across some interesting facts of nearby villages, but relating only to the year 1903. These were NORTHILL, MOGGERHANGER and SANDY, copied from a large 'Brewery Ledger' (Apprx. 18'' x 8'' when closed) seen in a Sandy Pub. There was a 'staggering' 16 Pubs / Beerhouses in Sandy during 1903, but only 2 known of in Moggerhanger, THE ROSE with a Thomas S. Mardlin behind the Bar and THE OLD GUINEA with Fredrick King , followed by the-

NORTHILL Pubs/ Beerhouses 11 in all for 1903

The Crown / Martha Marson ,

The Kings Head / Henry Brinklow ,

The Rose & Crown/James Nottingham

The Royal Oak/Authur Woodward

The Sugar Loaf/Samuel Matthews

The Lion / James York

The Queens Head / Sidney W. Ebbs

The Gardners Arms / Samuel Stanford

The Barley Mow / George Truin

Then 2 with no name at all, probably the old Beerhouse type. Sarah, Ann Darnell and Joseph Nottingham

AN AFTERTHOUGHT AFTER 25 YRS - -Bill Exley-Last Update- 8th June 2019

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