by Bill Exley


1 . Do you realise that Today, was the Tomorrow that you were worried about Yesterday, and all seems well...

2 . Worry is like a Rocking Horse, it gives you something to do, but you get Nowhere at the end of the day ..Or.. People quite often don't say what they mean, .. but they also, invariably Always mean what they say .. - To add a quick ending on, such as , " I was only Joking/ Kidding" , is irelevant, it is showing you their innermost thoughts, as to what they Really want to tell you ...Or... the original version, - 'Many a True word is spoken in Jest' - ( ref. Chaucer )

3 . There is a Past which has gone Forever, but there is a Future which is still our own ... Origin... An ornate flat pebble, bought on a beach in Victoria, Australia... in 2004 ... Or... names of U.K. Chippies . 1 / The Cod Father, . 2 / Haydock Plaice ( ref . Liverpool / Racing) . . 3 / Frydays . . 4 / Chip Inn . . 5 / The Frying Squad . . 6 / Oh my Cod . . 7 / Mr Chips. . (and many , many more). . Mr Blex.

4 . Now, don't ever forget , that if you go into a .. / .. ?..(Amnesia perhaps ?)

5 . I was told years ago, that the only silly question, is the one that's 'Not' asked, it's the only way to learn ...Or... Don't forget that arguing with a fool proves there are two...

6 . It's Nice to be Important , but it's 'more' Important to be Nice ... Or... If you try you might, if you don't, you wont ! ..Or ... People can't hear you Thinking. always Speak Up...

7 . Measure twice , then Cut Once, a carpenters' Tip... Or... If things don't change , they'l stay as they are. ...Or...Don't ever be Backward, at taking that step Forward...Or ... If you look Good / the Bee's knees / Smart, you'l feel Good ! ... Or ...Why are Mens' buttons on the right and Womens on the left - hand side when a garment is on ?

8 . If you think 'near enough' is 'good enough' then work for our Competitors - A local Ad. for skilled metal workers - 1979... A fully paid up member of - The Ivor Sawnitoff Group, and the 'Antidisestablishmentarianism'. Soc. 1757...

9 . Do you realise - that if a Nanosecond (10 to the -9 ) became a Second, a second would then have to Equate to 32 Years ! ! .(The Opposite or Mirror Image) - Do the Maths (or Math) 60 = 1 Min , x 60 = 1 hr , x 24 , then x 365 etc ... /... so Seconds in a year = 31.5 million, x 32 = 1,008, million , now we have our +9 zeros. / . It is a 1,000 - millionth, or one Billionth of a Second ... / ... Some of my work (during 1963 to 1994) involved the use of Nanoseconds and even Pico seconds, (10 to the - 12) so a Trillionth of second, as used in Laser Technology.

10. In the 'realms' of Time and distance, the speed of Light as we know, is 186,000 miles traveled in One Second, or 670 million mph, so one light year is a fair distance. One Star we know of is 'Kepler 90' and it is 2,840 Light Years from the Earth ! ! Johannes Kepler was a 17th century Astronomer and Mathematician and has a Telescope named after him, a retired one is now in space launched by NASA... Ref. - Stephen Hawking, Scientist. / b. Oxford, U.K. 1947 / d. 2019 / U.K...

11. All over the world people are saying. "Just wait until I get around to it " - or is it -


At long last, we have just been informed by the Barnsley (Yorkshire, U.K.) company of 'ARKWRIGHT & SON' that they have a sufficient quantity for each of you to have his (or her) own, so GUARD IT WELL. These 'Tuits' have been hard to come by, especially the Round Ones. This is an indispensable item, it will help you to become a much more efficient worker. For years we have heard people say, " I'll do that when I get around to it'' Now you have a 'Round Tuit' of your very own, many things that have needed to be accomplished will get done. Origin - on a 1960's kitchen plate.

12. The Beerhouse / Or Ale House, the official term in records sourced, was typically a Pub, but 'No Bar' just a cosy room with your Beers being Hand - Delivered to the tables. A License could be obtained for Two Guineas a year / £2 .10p / by anyone to sell Beers on their own premises, but Not to be taken away, this Beerhouse Act came in during 1830 but altered in later years.

o * O * O * o

13. 'Our English Language'

I take it you allready know, of tough and bough and cough and dough

Others may stumble, but not you, on hiccough , thorough, dough and through

Well done ! and now you wish, perhaps, to learn of less familiar traps.

Beware of heard, a dreadful word, that looks like beard and sounds like bird

And dead , it is said like bed, not bead , for goodness sake don't call it "deed" !

Watch out for meat and great and threat (They rhyme with suite and straight and debt.)

A moth is not a moth in mother, both in bother, broth in brother, and here is not a match for there

Nor dear and fear, for bear and pear. Then there is dose and rose and lose, just look them up ,

and goose and choose. and cork and work and card and ward, and word and sword and do and go.

Thwart and cart. Come, come I've hardly made a start ! A dreadful language.

Man alive I'd mastered it when I was Five !

ref ... 'Trivia' collected over 60yrs by Mr Blex - / - 12th Oct. 2020

Just as an afterthought, I would like to Choose to sing in a Choir, at the bottom

of a Chasm in the Peak District. - (The Phonetics of c,h,'s) - B. Ex. / Mr Blex

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14. 'Detail' ... In this sentance, there are Three misteaks, what are they ? - ( see end of The Horseshoes )

15. 'A bit of Lateral thinking ... me thinks' - With assumptions - An English Engineer . working in the Middle East is sentenced to Death for a crime by Beheading. The local Prince shows mercy to him, as a fellow Graduate from the U.K. - So spares him, but puts him in a cell for Life, but fed. In the cell are two Exits , say 1 and 2, controlled by two guards , say Guard A and Guard B.

Now one guard will Allways tell the TRUTH and the other, Allways tells LIES. - Exits 1 and 2 lead to certain Death, or certain Freedom and known by both guards. . The Prince says to the prisoner, "You are allowed 'only' one question to ask any of the Guards , they know the outcome of the exits," - What is the question?. The prisoner works out how to walk to freedom by asking the one question, with a certain result, what is it ? - For the Answer to solve this . - * - . Ask the - Queens Head

16. 'The Rules of Life / Wife' ... Rule - 1 . I can always do anything she wants. - 2 . One word from me, and she does what she likes. - 3 . I am the Boss of the house, when she is not there. - 4 . I must always think she's Right, even when we both know she is Wrong. - Rule 5, please note, that Rule 3 only applies, if The Wife has said so. - 6, The Boss must know what The Wife is thinking, at all times.

Acknowledgements - With kind permission of The Wife - 2022 - Mr Blex

17. 'The Likely Lads' : The term originates from the Tyneside area in the N.E. of England, meaning 'he's got Potential ' , and a Boxing term. - * - 'The Likely Lads' was also a popular T.V. show starring Rodney Bewes as Bob Ferris and James Bolam as Terry Collier. It was written by Ian La Frenais and Dick Clements, being aired over 18 episodes by the B.B.C. in 3 series during 1964 to '66.

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And Mash

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NORTHILL Pubs / Beerhouses, 11 in all for 1903

The Crown / Martha Marson ,

The Kings Head / Henry Brinklow ,

The Rose & Crown / James Nottingham

The Royal Oak / Authur Woodward

The Sugar Loaf / Samuel Matthews

The Lion / James York

The Queens Head / Sidney W. Ebbs

The Gardners Arms / Samuel Stanford

The Barley Mow / George Truin

Two recorded, No Name/Sign at all, so probably just an old cottage / Beerhouse - see Ref 12 entry above

1 - Sarah, Ann Darnell - & 2 - Joseph Nottingham

It was a pleasure to discover the above information as it was recorded in the typical Ornate style of the time

Ref - a Brewer's Ledger seen 39yrs ago in Sandy

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