Blunham Pubs: The Oak

By Bill Exley

The Oak, c1914
91 High Street, 2001

The Oak Beerhouse now 91 High Street used to be a favourite with the land workers, along with others in the village, for all had their regulars. They were all open most of the day, then tougher drinking hours came into force. The Oak is unchanged with the passing of time, it's past can easily be recalled by a glance from across the road , the weathered space where the old sign was fixed can still be made out. Today the building again bears a small sign 'The Old Oak' so preserving a part of Bunham history, in the same way as does 5, High street The Ragged Staff and 12, The Hill, The Old Post Office, each sites of bygone years. In the early 1970's a yarn was related to me by a village character, who said ''late one afternoon years ago, a local woman stormed into The Oak and threw a plated dinner over one of the drinkers, shouted here's your dinner" and stormed out fuming. Note the Horse waiting for his Driver, then take him home on it's own ! !

1st License and purchased for £100 , by Thomas Winters 1849-1872
Known as The Generous Britain
George Thomas ,with Simpsons of Baldock / Brewers 1872-1884
Thomas Winters ( as records show , again ? ) 1884-1899
Arthur James Nears 1899-1901
Charles Gamer 1901-1903
Geo. Battle (a one armed man) 1903-1907
Geo. Henry Davey (now The Oak , name change unproven) 1907-1910
Thom Stevens, now Wells and Winch / Brewers 1910-1914
Archibald and May Hull 1914-1924
Hector Rawlins 1924-1928
Annie and Henry (known as Harry) Lovell and Daughter 1928-1958
Betty, Agnes born in Sheffield in 1920 ( Pub closes ) . .15/9/58
Mr and Mrs Jack White ( nee Lovell ) . ?--/ 1984
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