Blunham Pubs: The Wheatsheaf

By Bill Exley

The site of the Wheatsheaf Ale House.


This small ale house was just a room adjacent to the main cottage at 10 Park Lane and is now a private dwelling. Park Lane itself was called *Back Lane in bygone years. Its first license was granted in 1832

*Called Back Lane in 1903 records.

Wm Clarke (Sextant and Parish Clerk) 1876
(owned by John Morris, Brewers of Ampthill)  
Miss Selina Clarke 1898-1906
Herbert Currant 1906-1911
Alfred Lett 1911-1912
Beerhouse closes   22/12/1912
Alfred and Gertrude Norman 1944
Empty until 1946
Maureen Belcham Oct 1969 to 1983
Mark and Christine Brazier 1984

During the 1950s, Maureen Belcham's parents Reg and Daisy Peet lived here. Ted Ashton also lived with the family and started a Fish Shop. Later Ted took the Fish Shop to the site opposite the school, formerly a gentleman's hairdressers, later becoming the Fish and Chip shop of today. Ted Ashton and Daisy Peet later moved into a new bungalow opposite the Wheatsheaf with Maureen Belcham and her daughter Clare.

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