Blunham Pubs : The Wheatsheaf

By Bill Exley


The Wheatsheaf - Beerhouse - in Park Lane


This Beerhouse was a small room next to the main cottage, today now 10, Park Lane. - The lane itself was known as the 'Back Lane' by locals as shown in 1903 records, it leads down to a Wier and the quiet River Ivel, just 200 yds away. Here you will find a footbridge and a pleasant one and a half miles walk to Sandy market town. - The first Alehouse Lic. was granted in - 1832

The exact room itself is only an assumption on my part whilst compiling this article. I would think the main property would be taken over as the dwelling, the small annexe, as the drinking room / Beerhouse.

New Information : - Re. The Wheatsheaf and the village by a Mr Swaffield from 1909. - (Courtesy - Pip Exley , on 29/09/2020)

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Brewers - John & Joseph - Morris . - from records researched we see the sisters , Sussana, Sophia and Mary/Jane all join in, to form - Morris & Co Ltd - of Ampthill
From earliest records, - 1st Alehouse Licence is granted - c1832
Wm Clarke, - (Also Sextant and Parish Clerk - Blunham) 1847-1899
Miss Selina Clarke 1899-1906
Brewers - still Morris & Co Ltd. - Ampthill  
Herbert Currant 1906-1911
The Blunham pop. is now at 603 being served by the 8 Pubs in - 1909
Alfred Lett 1911-1912
The small Beerhouse closes and now stays empty.
Later number 10, Park Lane a private house.
Alfred and Gertrude Norman 1944-1946
Records are scarce here bettween > 1946- 60s
Reg and Daisy Peet around > 1950s
Maureen Belcham 1969- 1983
Mark and Christine Brazier 1984
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