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Wildflowers  Date
Common nameLatin nameApprox location12_06_2020
AgrimonyAgrimonia eupatoria 17_04_2020
AlexandersSmyrnium olusatrumIn field margin of field north of The Hill15_06_2020
Biting Stonecropsedum acre 23_07_2020
Black Knapweedcentaurea nigra 23_07_2020
Bladder CampionSilene vulgarisin fields behind herberts15_05_2020
BluebellHyacinthoides non-scriptaby river23_07_2020
BorageBorago officinalisvarious locations17_04_2020
BulrushTypha latifolia 07_05_2020
BurdockArctium sp.near river19_07_2020
Canadian FleabaneConzya canadensisField margins15_05_2020
ChicoryCichorium intybus 07_05_2020
cleaversGalium aparinevarious locations01_05_2020
comfreySymphytum sp 12_06_2020
Common MallowMalva sylvestrisVarious locations23_07_2020
common nettleUrtica dioicavery common around village26_05_2020
Common poppyPpaver rhoeasVarious locations19_07_2020
Creeping buttercupRanunculus repensvery common around village26_06_2020
creeping cinquefoilPotentilla reptansvarious locations23_07_2020
Creeping ThistleCirsium arvenseWidespread28_05_2020
Cuckoo FlowerCardamine pratensisin Horse field west of Ivel23_07_2020
DaisyBellis perennisvery common around village23_07_2020
DandelionTraxacum aggvery common around village15_05_2020
Duke of Argyll's Tea PlantLycium barbarumBottom of The Hill12_06_2020
Early forget-me-knotMyostis ramosissimaBlunham playing fields26_06_2020
fat henChenopodium albumVarious locations23_07_2020
Field Forget-me-notMyostis arvensisvery common around village19_07_2020
Field ScabiousKnautia arvensisRoute 5123_07_2020
garlic mustardAlliaria petiolataby river15_05_2020
Giant HogweedHeracleum mantegazzianumPrivate land adjacent to footpath west of Ivel running south from weir12_06_2020
Great WillowherbEpilobium hirsutumVarious locations21_05_2020
Greater BurdockArctium lappaField margins17_04_2020
Greater KnapweedCentaurea scabiosaRoute 5118_04_2020
Greater plantainPlantago majorvarious locations01_05_2020
Ground IvyGlechoma hederaceawest bank of the ivel15_05_2020
groundselSenecio vulgarisvarious locations17_04_2020
hedge bindweedCalystegia sepiumvarious locations01_05_2020
Hedgerow CranesbillGeranium pyrenaicumRoute 5128_05_2020
Himalayan BalsamImpatiens glanduliferaPrivate land adjacent to footpath west of Ivel running south from weir23_07_2020
Hoary CressLepidium drabaFoot path running north from The Hill23_07_2020
hogweedHeracleum sphondyliumnear river17_04_2020
HonestyLunaria annuaIn hedgrow near the weir & along Station Road23_07_2020
Hop TrefoilTrifiolium campestreField margins on path to G Barford12_06_2020
Hounds tongueCynoglossum officinaleRoute 5101_05_2020
ivy-leaved toadflaxCymbalaria muralisAlong the highstreet24_04_2020
Lesser BurdockArctium minusField margins12_06_2020
lesser celandineRanunculus ficaruapath by sheeps field near river26_06_2020
Lesser trefoilTrifolium dubiumBlunham playing fields23_07_2020
LucerneMedicago sativa 21_05_2020
Marsh ThistleCirsium paulstreNear river21_05_2020
Meadow SaxifrageSaxifraga granulataChurch yard12_06_2020
Meadow VetchlingLathyrus pratensis 01_05_2020
MeadowsweetFilipendula ulmariaR Ivel07_05_2020
MugwortArtemesia vulgarisWidespread26_06_2020
NipplewortLapsana communisVarious locations15_05_2020
Perennial Sow-thistleSonchus arvensisField margins15_05_2020
Petty spurgeEuphorbia peplusvarious locations15_05_2020
Prickly LettuceLactuca serriolaField margins19_07_2020
Prickly Sow-thistleSonchus asper 28_05_2020
Purple LoosestrifeLythrum salicariaR Ivel & R Ouse18_04_2020
Pyramidal OrchidAnacamptis pyrimidalisnear old railway line in meadow just before tunnel11_05_2020
ribwort plantainPlantago lanceolatavarious locations43921
rosebay willowherbChamerion angustifoliumvarious locations12_06_2020
SainfoinOnibrychis viciifolia 15_05_2020
Shepherds purseCapsella bursa-pastorisBlunham playing fields29_04_2020
Smooth Sow-thistleSonchus oleraceus Recorded 2019
Southern Marsh OrchidDactylorhiza pratermissa 01_05_2020
Spear ThistleCirsium vulgareVarious locations23_07_2020
Speedwell sp.Veronica sp.west bank of the ivel12_06_2020
spotted medicMedicago arabicavarious areas of amenity grassland through village12_06_2020
Water CrowfootRanunculus batrachiumRiver06_05_2020
White CampionSilene latifoliawest bank of the ivel07_05_2020
White cloverTrifolium repensVarious locations23_07_2020
white dead-nettleLamium albaby river07_05_2020
Wild ArumArum maculatumby river29_05_2020
wood avensGeum urbanumvarious locations21_05_2020
YarrowAchillea millefoliumvarious locations11_05_2020
Yellow IrisIris pseudoacorusRiver18_04_2020
Yellow LoosestrifeLysimachia punctata  
Birdsfoot Trefoil   
Common Vetch   
Lesser Spearwort   
Yellow Archangel   
Purple TansyPhacelia Tanacetifolia  

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