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Display+cabinet_of_cathode_ray_tubes=0057.jpg Drive+Unit_Loop_Type_WR400=0408.jpg

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Display cabinet
of cathode ray tubes
Drive Unit
Loop Type WR400
No 24
Gas Mask
for baby
Aerial Loading Switch Type 51

Galvo No 24

The unipivot galvanometer was invented by Robert W. Paul in 1903. It is a classic of careful instrument design and continued in production for over 50 years.
As in the more common form of moving coil galvanometer (D'Arsonval) a coil is pivotted between the poles of a permanent magnet and experiences a torque when a current flows.
However, the coil here is circular and cleverly pivoted on a single spike (the unipivot) at its centre of gravity, with the result that the device is not disturbed by accelerations and could be used to make measurements in moving vehicles. The design was further refined by an automatic lock that protected the delicate mechanism from damage when not in use.
Paul staff are reputed to have played football with an instrument in its leather case to demonstrate its ruggedness.
This example was made by Paul's in 1929.
Galvo<br>No 24

Galvo No 24 (Photograph Number 0357)

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