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From Frank Lake here is a good explanation of difference in weights and measures UK/USA

Hi June, Both American and Imperial teaspoons are 1/6th of their respective fluid oz.

The American fluid oz. is 4% larger than the Imperial fluid oz [In practical terms the size difference of the teaspoon is small as to be negligible. The question to ask is whether the teaspoonis heaped or not.]

There are 3 American tsp. in an American tbl. but about 3 and a 1/3rd Imperial tsp. in an Imperial tbl.
[Therefore the British tbl. is about 20% larger than an American tbl. or 5 Imp. tbl. are the same as 6 US tbl.]

1 cup in both systems are half pints in their respective systems. Remember there are 20 Imperial fl.oz. in an Imperial pint and only sixteen US fl.oz. in a US pint.

The slightly larger US fl.oz. compensates slightly but the Imp. cup, pt. or qt. is 20% larger than its US equivalent as with the tbl.

Often in the UK, the term 'gill' is used. This is half an Imp. cup. I do not think the term 'cup' is used so often in the UK.

The other main differences between US, and I assume Canadian, recipes is that in the US volume measures are used for dry goods, e.g. cups, while in the UK, weight is used. Also the ingredients themselves are different.

For example, we tried to make bread when we first came to the US the same way we made bread in the UK using in both cases 'bread flour' and of course complete failure. The consumer 'bread flour' in the US is much lower in gluten? than in the UK.

Hope it helps, Frank Lake

ANOTHER: From Yvonne Hall, Lincolnshire, England.

O.K. June,
I have taken down my cook-book, blown off the dust and cobwebs and have typed below the various comments made in the preface.

Hope it helps.

The imperial pint is 20fl oz whereas the American pint is 16 fl oz. The BRITISH standard tablespoon (tblspn) holds 17.7ml whereas the AMERICAN tablespoon holds 14.2 ml.

Below are a few common liquid equivalents.



1 tablespoon

1 tablespoon

1 1/2 Tablespoons (1fl oz)

2 Tablespoons

2 Tablespoons

3 Tablespoons

3 tablespoons (2 fl oz)

1/4 Cup

4 Tablespoons

1/3 Cup

5 Tablespooons

6 Tablespoons

6 Tablespoons (4 fl oz)

1/2 Cup

1/4 Pint

2/3 Cup

6 fl oz

3/4 Cup 

scant 1/2 pint

1 Cup (8 fl oz)

1/2 Pint

1 1/4 Cups

 1 Pint

2 1/2 Cups


Apparently Australian tablespoons differ to the British and American.
If you want the details let me know!!



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