Yorksgen 2000 Compendium of Recipes

A new book called "Yorksgen 2000 Compendium of Recipes, Household Hints and Miscellaneous Trivia" is now available for purchase.

Yorkshire Recipes

The following recipes have been collected by the late June Ridsdale,
and were mainly provided by members of YORKSGEN.

Some new recipes have been added by Web Surfers who claim Yorkshire roots,
found them in their Granny's cookbooks, and have shared them with us.

Wherever known the submitters name is included with the recipe.

They are family recipes, enjoyed for many years,
but I must add the disclaimer that you use them at your own risk.

In the majority of the recipes that follow, only the UK measurements are shown, for a 'translation' into US measures see this handy page that has been put together. This is an important piece of information if you plan on making any of these recipes, as they may not turn out as planned using UK measurements and US measurers!

The Recipes are under these main headings:
Biscuits and Crumpets Pickles, Sauces & Stuffings
Breakfast Preserves and Jams
Brews Remedies
Cakes and Pastries Savoury Recipes
Desserts Sweets (Candy)

Some comments about "Spanish" (licquorice)