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Meter_Volts_DC_Weston_Model_45=0060.jpg Missile_part_of_Tomahawk=0069.jpg

Monitor_Crystal_Type_2=0320.jpg Monitor_Crystal_Type_4A_(Tropical)=0390.jpg
Volts DC Weston Model 45
part of Tomahawk
Type 169
Crystal Type 2
Crystal Type 4A (Tropical)

Modulator Type 169

Part of the Automatic Gun Laying Turret (AGLT) equipment carried by heavy bombers which also carried H2S. It was used to provide the rear gunner with data on any attacking enemy aircraft so as to assist him with training his guns on unseen targets with an accuracy of half a degree. The AGLT equipment was also known as "Village Inn" or "Z-equipment", the RAF designation being ARI5559.
Modulator<br>Type 169

Modulator Type 169 (Photograph Number 0138)

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