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Sky One Teletext Pages from 1997


The 840 Teletext pages you see here were downloaded from TV using my Instant Text board back in 1997 (with the exception of page 409 which I built to test the Video Display Processor in the teletext devices). Some of the pages were subsequently used to develop the microcode for the Europe Technologies teletext decoder devices. With only a few exceptions, the pages are from Sky One in 1997. The two ORACLE pages are from 1987.

As there is no further use for these in teletext development, I have made them available here for general viewing by those with an interest in the old analogue TV teletext. I started by loading the pages into a CF70206 Eurotext decoder and then taking a photo. of the page on the TV, however this had a heap of problems (moire patterning, poor colours, missing blues in white etc.), and so I wrote software to generate .bmp images from the page data (text format) that you can find on my Teletext Home page. What you see here are .png images created from these files. The font used is the one in the CF70206 Eurotext decoder.

FastText: Where available, the FastText links (bottom row) are enabled, so clicking on these will take you to the relevant page. Note however that some of the yellow linked pages didn't exist and you will be taken to the cyan link in those cases.

Clicking on the "Next Subject" link will take you to the first page of the next subject. Clicking on the "Previous Subject" will take you to the last page of the previous subject. Clicking on the main image will take you to the next page. Other options are given down the left hand side using the small images.

The index below is given in the order of the page subjects in page number sequence, the page numbers are given in brackets.

Colin Hinson.

Main Index(100)  Headlines(101)  News(102)  Sport(112)  Call The Shots(113)  Weather(114) 
Travel(116)  Football(117)  TV Guide1(120)  TV Guide2(130)  TV Guide3(140)  Newflash(150) 
Leisure(151)  TV Gossip(152)  Competition(153)  Horoscope(154)  Winners(155)  Crossword(156) 
Films(157)  In The Papers(158)  Over To You(159)  Election 97(160)  Hole in One(164)  Call The Shots(169) 
Clock Cracker(170)  Walkers World(171)  Dating(180)  Dial a Date(182)  Wintendo(186)  Speak Easy(188) 
New Friends(189)  Mystic(191)  Star Trek(192)  Sci-Fi News(193)  Sky Text Guide(198)  Sky Text Index(199) 
Holidays(200)  Holiday News(201)  First Choice(202)  World Wide(203)  Med-Canaries(204)  Late Bargains(205) 
Lincoln Travel(206)  Viewer Offers(210)  World Flights(211)  City Breaks(212)  USA-Canada(213)  Coach Hols(214) 
Villas Etc(215)  Ski Holidays(216)  Special Interest(218)  UK Holidays(220)  Holiday Weather(230)  Resort Weather(231) 
UK City Weather(232)  EU City Weather(233)  Ski Reports(234)  Currency Rates(239)  Airport Arrivals(240)  Heathrow T1(241) 
Heathrow T2(242)  Heathrow T3(243)  Heathrow T4(244)  Gatwick N(245)  Gatwick S(246)  Manchester(247) 
Manchester Deps(248)  Stansted Arrivals(249)  TeenText(250)  Grapevine(251)  Out-In(252)  Teen TV Guide(253) 
TeenTalk(254)  Teen Competition(255)  Problems(256)  In Depth(257)  Charts(258)  Triv Quiz(259) 
Hit Mix(263)  Morning Glory(264)  Subtitles(267)  Birthdays(270)  Techno Text(273)  Techno News(274) 
Techno Fun(275)  Techno Books(276)  Techno Tips(277)  Techno Charts(278)  Techno Net(279)  Competitions(281) 
Tarot-Fax(282)  Homeowner Loans(284)  Coca-Cola Comp(290)  Madame Tussauds(294)  Lego Club(299)  My Test Page(409) 
Interactive(500)  Competitions(501)  Car Shop advert(502)  Co-op Bank advert(503)  Competition(504)  Advert(505) 
Competitions(506)  Interactive(507)  Interactive Keys(599) 

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