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Balzers EHV 110A Electronics

Whilst working for a company that dealt with Balzers equipment, I drew many circuits of this in my own time so that I could better understand how it worked. I came from a Search Radar background and so had dealt with EHT (EHV) equipment before, but never using it to control High Vacuum coaters - quite a steep learning curve!

You are welcome to download and use these circuits for your own personal use, but not to upload them to another website - I drew these and they are my copyright.

Any feedback would be appreciated, and I will try to answer any questions relating to these systems.

Below are links to the pdf files containing the circuits (or part circuits) of the relevant items/systems.

  1. An overall diagram showing and explaining how the EHV system works.
  2. An overall diagram showing the emission control circuitry.
  3. A circuit diagram of the EHV rack
  4. A diagram showing the EHV rack cabling
  5. A circuit diagram of the EHV110A and the EKS110A showing both the internal circuitry and the interconnections.
  6. A circuit diagram showing the high voltage control sections, this includes the HV regulator board and the Cathode bias board.
  7. A circuit diagram showing the interlock circuitry of the EHV110 and EKS110.
  8. A circuit diagram showing the Power Distribution of the EHV rack.
  9. The individual circuit boards:
    1. The Emission Control board, and the same board with the relvant external circuitry.
    2. The Coil Current Control board, and, shown as a block but complete with external circuitry.
    3. The Water, and Crucible drive relay circuitry.
    4. The Relay board (unit E1)
    5. The ETS110 crucible control unit (this has several corrections to the original Balzers circuit)
    6. The Digital Wobble board.
    7. The Signal Print board.
    8. The SCR driver board.
  10. During my time working on the High Vacuum stuff, I designed and built a test rig built into an old EHV unit that would enable me to simulate the whole of the EHV rack working (apart from the actual EHV).
    1. This is the circuit for the whole of the test system - it includes a normal EHV110 and EKS110 unit so that they can be tested.
    2. I also built into this unit a relay tester (this is shown in the above circuit too).
    3. The wiring diagram for the external connections to the EHV110 in the test rig.
    4. The wiring diagram for the external connections to the EKS110 in the test rig.
  11. And finally, a circuit diagram of the RVG040 Vacuum Valve controller.

If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, requests etc, please drop me a line via my Genuki email page.

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