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Re-drawn CB radio circuit diagrams.

I used to repair CB radios in the 1980s and 1990s and got fed up of trying to decipher Japenese style circuit diagrams. As a result I drew a lot of my own circuits to make my life easier. Most, but not all are 27/81 radios. These are all in pdf format and in many cases have what I hope are helpful notes. Most of the diagrams have chassis layout diagrams too.

You are welcome to download an use these for your own personal use or commercial use, but not to upload them to another website.

  1. Amstrad 901 and Transcomm, Mustang etc.
  2. Beta 1100
  3. Beta 3000 (Cybernet 134 chassis).
  4. CommunicatorNI-440DX, Serpent UK4000, Planet 2000, Manor Kestrel (this was drawn from the printed circuit board).
  5. Convoy 1
  6. Cybernet 106
  7. Cybernet 121 chassis (Multi-mode chassis)
  8. Falcon, Compact 40
  9. Fidelity 1000 (Homebase is very similar, plus lots of other types)
  10. Gransdstand and Wagner
  11. Some power and echo microphones, K40, DM510, Densei 313 & 308a, Protel 103, Altai DM315e, Sirtel DM311 & CBE 2002, Ham Relax, Sadelta Echo Master plus.
  12. Midland 77-095
  13. Midland 77-104
  14. Midland 2001, 3001, 4000, Colt 295, Colt 295A, Commtron CB40F.
  15. Moonraker Minor, Jesan KR303
  16. Some power supplies, Delta and CB Master, Bremi 5-7 amp, Babcock Power House, RA-MA FKI, Eagle RP2512
  17. Rotel 240 (this was the top of the range for this Cybernet chassis and so this covers Harriers etc.)
  18. Shogun
  19. Uniden Uniace 100, Audioline 341 etc

I hope these are helpful to someone out there - if you use them, it would be really nice if you would let me know as I have no idea if people are using them.
Colin Hinson.

If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, requests etc, please drop me a line via my Genuki email page.

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